Now for all those out there that think that a Glock has no safety you are part right but mostly wrong. The Glock doesn’t have a manually safety that needs to be removed before the firearm will fire the Glock has a serious of mechanical actions that have to all happen buy putting your finger on a trigger and making the gun fire. Its called a Safe Action Trigger System  the revolver has been around with no safety at all, you couldn’t even carry it safely with one under the hammer. It might have went off. A Glock that will never be the case. These gun where made with Safety a priority and and firearm in the hands of a unsafe person is a accident waiting to happen. Most firearms manufactured today have a heavy double action trigger pull or some other kind of safety system to make there firearm safe but one of the bests is Glocks. In the hands of a properly trained person the firearm is safe as a baby in my cradle. If you are not sure seek professional training we will be adding training and other approved business banners to this site soon.

1.Keep your finger OFF the trigger until ready to use.

2. Keep the barrel pointed in a safe direction

3. Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use, if you are carrying this gun it better be ready to use.


Train for the best safety and most accuracy you can obtain, make every shot count.

Watch your 6 and stay in YELLOW!